Sustainable Slight Changes

I’ve been marinating on this idea for a while now… Why the heck don’t I continually do the things that I want for my life? I can’t be alone in this struggle… Everyone has their New Years resolutions that fail right? Here is what I’m thinking would look really great in some nicely branded wrapping…

Focus on one good habit a month. I’m going THAT simple. This not-so-master-plan has a chance to succeed for a couple reasons…

1. Sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight (the only exception being bleach trays).

2. Behavior is learned. Practice makes perfect.

3. Automatic processes stimulate a different part of the brain than tasks we have to focus on… I’m interested in cron job-in’ out my brain for choices that should be business as usual.

This months Good Habit? Drink tea over coffee. Some TMI- but coffee contains tanic acid (it isn’t as deadly as it sounds… Unless you have the same weak ‘timmer tummy’ I do, in which case that will eff your shit up.) So this is the goal, establish ‘tea over coffee’ as a norm that I follow all year, into next year, and the next.

For some reason I see some really tacky ‘partridge in a pair tree’ song for this. On the first month of good habits I’ve chosen to ____. As the good habits

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are added each month, you end up with a mouthful of little success stories by the end of the 12 month song… Enough dreaming. That’s the not-so-big-bit-into-smaller-pieces idea

for the day.