I finally did it!

I’m a perfectionist. There is really no getting around it. When I was in grade school I remember staying up countless nights working on that ‘extra mile’ to get whatever it was that I was working on to an acceptable state- so I could put my name on it. First-grade-Rachelle once spent all recess working on coloring the US map, to the exact specs of the map posted on

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the wall. I remember having trouble finding the right shade of pink, for Ohio…

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that I do everything the ‘right’ way, but in general if there is a job to do, I’ll allow the scope of the work to exponentially grow as I begin to dig into the details of the task. For example… This blog.

I’ve started multiple blogs… All failing (in my mind…) because I just couldn’t get the ‘coloring’ or the style quite right. I would monkey around with the CSS, change themes, ponder on domain names… I’ve researched other blogs that display similar content to what I’ll be showing… Essentially I’ve done pretty much everything but publish the content I wanted to start the blog for in

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the first place. So, here I land. Although I’m not ‘there’ yet (there being that whimsical, potentially unattainable perceived perfection) with this blog, I’m starting. Cheers!

I do expect the content to evolve over time, but in general, you can count on some DIY, musical suggestions, and summary of my travel- all right here. Hope you enjoy!