Apps that make my life so much better

Evernote: Easily number one on my list. I’m a compulsive list maker (see my fridge… the interior of my cupboards, white board… etc.) The problem is, I frequently loose, spill on, don’t have with me… My lists. That is a completely ineffective list. Derp!

Evernote has the ability to stick with you, wherever you may be. The program allows you to access your information

  • On the web (just like signing into your email or facebook)
  • On your Android or iPhone (it is available as an application from the iTunes store or the Android Market place)
  • On your offline computer (this is a ‘desktop application’ which works a lot like microsoft word or notepad… There is an icon that you click and it comes right up… no internet necessary).

These apps are all tied to your notebook (or account) and sync up so you can type a note on the go on your phone, while you’re at work on a public

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For advanced users you can also:

  • Download the Evernote Snipping tool for your browser (what you use to access the internet… Some are using internet explorer, safari, firefox or Chrome)
    • The Snipping tool is very useful for clipping articles, URLs, Pictures, Confirmation numbers from a web page… All you do is click the cute little elephant on the top right of your browser and the picture is saved to your notebook for reference when you need it.
    • Speak your mind! For some, writing lists don’t work as well as just saying what you need to do. There are a couple ways that allow your spoken word to be translated into text.
      • You can call a number and leave a message to be later transcribed into Evernote. Who knew, HOW COOL!
      • Use SIRI to do the work for you… If you open the app on your iPhone and click the little microphone, you can talk and the words will be transcribed.
      • Organize your stuff…